How does Love Volunteers ensure the quality and safety of their programs?

We’re Kiwi’s (New Zealander’s) who have traveled the world and know we’re very lucky to live in this beautiful, peaceful, safe and developed nation in the South Pacific with one of the highest living standards in the world. Millions of others in the world aren’t so lucky - and our aim is to help the people in real need.

Here at Love Volunteer’s we’re all travelers and have been there, done that. We have traveled to the destinations and programs we offer – and we continue to do so regularly. We send our team to check out the locations and programs so they can specialize in them, know the location inside out and importantly, know the local staff. We partner with highly respected organizations at each location to ensure the validity of the programs and that the safety and support is in place for an amazing volunteer experience. We have met our partner organizations, have trained them in our safety procedures and requirements and are in contact with them regularly. All our accommodation providers, from guest houses to host families, have been vetted and are checked regularly. Our host families have been hosting volunteers from around the world for many years, and all speak at least some English. We monitor the safety of all our locations, and take a ‘safety first’ approach with the well-being of our volunteers our utmost priority. 

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