When will I find out the specific details of my program?

All volunteers are provided with a full Placement Details Sheet (PDS) approximately 4 weeks prior to their scheduled program start date. The PDS outlines all of the specific information about your program, including:

  • the name and address of your assigned project site, 
  • the role/tasks that you can expect at the project, 
  • the name and contact details of the onsite project manager who you will report to each day, 
  • address and details of your assigned accommodation, 
  • onsite facilities (including if Wi-Fi is available), 
  • distance from and method of travel to your project site, as well as
  • the nearest medical center and local emergency contact information. 

Basically this document is intended to answer all of those last questions volunteers have prior to departing for their project location, so that when you arrive, you know exactly what to expect and are ready to hit the ground running! NICE!

Note: PDFs may not display correctly on mobile devices. If information on your Placement Sheet appears to be missing please download and use Adobe Acrobat for iOS or Adobe Acrobat for Android to view your Placement Details.

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