Will my phone work? Will there be cell phone coverage?

Mobile phones are now widely used almost everywhere. Local mobile phones can be bought when you arrive or a SIM card purchased for use in an unlocked phone brought from home. Short term phone or data SIM cards are inexpensive and well worth getting, especially if you are volunteering for an extended time. If you have a smartphone, we definitely recommend the purchase of a pre-pay DATA SIM, as having access to maps and the internet can be invaluable. Just ensure that you go with a reputable local service provider. 

The reliability of phone signals will vary of course, but the local project team will be happy to give advice regarding which networks function best and where on site to get the best signal. Equally, advice on phone cards to use in payphones can be provided to volunteers if needed. Lastly, depending on local conditions, the family with whom the volunteer is staying may well have a landline to which incoming calls will normally be welcome. If you wish to make out-going calls on a landline however, please remember to compensate your hosts for this, as often the call will cost more than they are receiving to feed you!

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