Will I have access to the Internet/WiFi?

In the vast number of cases, the locations where our volunteers are placed either have Wifi at the project site, or in the volunteer house/host family accommodation. Where this is not the case, project sites are usually close enough to a sizable city where internet cafes abound. The opportunity will arise at least once weekly to visit one of these. 

It is important to remember though, that the internet service in developing countries, as with many other aspects of life, will not be as reliable as you may be used to. Even when internet is available, it could be slow and/or intermittent. This is a factor that every volunteer will encounter at least once, and must become acclimatized to. The lack of ability to communicate with friends and family as often as you may like can often sound daunting at first, but you may also come to find that this non-reliance on technology can be a refreshing change!

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