What are the accommodations and meals like?

Accommodation and meal types can be very different. Every country will have its own distinct 'flavor', not only regarding the food, but the accommodation as well. Where possible, we have deliberately sought out accommodation offering volunteers a 'traditional/local' experience, including the food that is provided at meal time. We feel strongly that immersion into the local culture is one of the fundamentals of successful volunteering. 

In short, the accommodation and food you will experience meet our own requirements. That is to say, we wouldn't mind bedding down there for a few weeks ourselves (and likely already have). That said, you need to remember that some locations will be lacking certain amenities you may be accustomed to at home. Hot water for instance ... so no bubble baths after a days work, sorry! Some countries may also not have access to certain foods that you may prefer, or brands that you recognize, so once again, it is important to be flexible and open-minded. 
Ultimately, the specifics of your accommodation and meals will depend on the location you choose. Check out the country 'Details' page for more info, or just ask us.

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