Will I be hands-on in a Medical program?

Volunteering on a medical program is a wonderful way to gain first hand insight into the healthcare system of a developing country and can be a tremendous learning opportunity for those volunteers pursuing a career in the field of healthcare. However, it is important to note that due to legal and moral restrictions around foreigners actively practicing in a medical setting, volunteers on any Medical Internship program will be primarily observing and shadowing local staff during their internship. You will be partnered with a local staff member and any tasks undertaken will be supervised, at least initially, and volunteers often find that once they have built a rapport and level of trust with the local medical staff, they are in turn given more tasks and responsibilities, which can include some patient interaction. 

Qualified nurses and doctors are very welcome on our programs and we would be happy to recommend the most suitable locations. However, please note that even experienced medical practitioners should expect to be observing and shadowing local professionals at least initially due to the moral and legal restrictions around foreigners practicing in a medical capacity.

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