Can we volunteer as a family?

We often place family groups and happen to think that there's no better way of spending time together than volunteering to help others!

There are a few things to consider when volunteering as family and the notes below may help with your planning.
Accommodation: Ideally you will all want to stay together and this is often only practical with Host Families as Volunteer and Guest Houses tend to have shared, dormitory style rooms. Check the accommodation options for your preferred countries and ask us if you are not sure.
Suitable programs: Depending on the age range of your group it is often best to choose programs that work with either children or animals. Feel free to ask us if you are unsure.
Cost: Flights are often the biggest cost factor, particularly when travelling as a group, so be sure to research these when deciding on a destination.  
All volunteers need to register with us and pay program fees to cover the cost of hosting them when they volunteer. We offer discounted registration fees for children.

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