What does it cost?

Volunteers cover their Program and Registration fees, Flights, Insurance, Visas and Vaccinations (if required) and Spending Money.

Program fees are specific to each placement and are directly the cost of hosting a volunteer in-country and continuing with the programs. They are displayed under the 'Fees' section for each program on the website. 

In addition volunteers register with us at Love Volunteers which allows us to support the programs and assist volunteers. The registration fee is US$299 for the new members and $149 for LV alumni. There are discounts for groups and families.

For flights and insurance we typically recommend Jet Radar (flights) and World Nomads (travel insurance). It is important to also consider budgeting for spending money. Some volunteers manage to get by without spending much while others can spend $15-30 per day on extras, including socializing with other volunteers, buying snacks and souvenirs, eating at cafes or restaurants, transport and weekend travel, etc. Ultimately it depends on the person, but I would probably suggest budgeting $20- 25 per day for personal expenses.

You could also check these websites which might help with your budget: http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/ and http://www.budgetyourtrip.com/

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