Can we volunteer as a group?

Yes absolutely!

Volunteering as a group is a fantastic and extremely rewarding experience and we are very happy to assist with the arrangements. Get in touch to discuss your preferences and we will work through the options and tailor a program to suit you.

Groups are accommodated together as a matter of course.  If the group is large we will work with you to ensure that the accommodation arrangements are satisfactory.

When booking on the same program all members of the group are placed together.  Groups whose members have differing interests are welcome to work on different programs in the same location.  The group will still be accommodated together and projects will be arranged for each member accordingly.

We offer discounted registration fees for groups as follows:

  • Groups of 50+ US$49
  • Groups of 20+ US$99pp
  • Groups of 10+ US$199pp
  • Groups of 5+ US$249pp

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