Can we volunteer as a group?

Volunteering as a group is a fantastic and extremely rewarding experience and we are very happy to assist with the arrangements. Get in touch to discuss your preferences and we will work through the options and tailor a program to suit you.

We offer discounted registration fees for groups as follows:

  • Groups of 20+ US$99pp
  • Groups of 10+ US$199pp
  • Groups of 5+ US$249pp

Below are some points that have come up with groups in the past that may help with your planning.  

  • Love Volunteers is a small team, committed to providing affordable volunteer opportunities. As such we do not provide individualized documentation or agreements.
  • We do not offer insurance or indemnity for volunteers as this is prohibitively expensive for us to provide.
  • Love Volunteers is not currently a registered non-profit in the United States or Europe. We are based in New Zealand and registering as a non-resident is challenging.
  • Depending on the size of the group and the location you choose it may not be possible to accommodate everyone together in the same volunteer house or host family home.  The group will, however, be within close proximity of one another and the options will be discussed with you.
  • Volunteers must be 18 or over (17 with parental consent). Volunteers 16 and under are to be accompanied by an adult (a ratio of 1 adult to 4 volunteers is sufficient in a group setting).  
  • All group members are required to register with Love Volunteers and pay program fees to cover their accommodation, meals, the support of the local team and continuation of the program.  
  • Activities and excursions outside of volunteering can be arranged for the group. The costs of these are in addition to the program fees.

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