Will I be useful?

In your day-to-day work you will be helping where its needed. Ultimately though how useful you are depends on you! The volunteers who are willing to accept that life will be different and won't always go to plan are usually the ones who have the most successful placements. Likewise those who use their initiative, look for opportunities and connect with the locals will both give and gain the most from the experience.

Many volunteers choose to undertake additional "side projects" while working. If you see something missing or not working correctly while volunteering, make it your mission to fix it while you're there. It doesn't need to be huge! Maybe it's a leaky tap, a broken gate or a chicken coop that needs to be built. Whatever it is, it will be your legacy after you've left!
It can feel like our impact is but a drop in the ocean but trust us when we say that every drop counts!  Simply being there, showing your support and offering your help is a massive boost to communities in need. 
There are so many ways to contribute, something that seems very small to you is likely to be life-changing for the person you are helping. A small act of kindness goes a long way.

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