What skills and qualifications do I need to volunteer?

This is totally dependent on the program you choose, and specific requirements are detailed on each program description.

Some specialized programs such Healthcare/Medical/Architecture/Media and others, require that you hold relevant qualifications and/or experience within that field. In these cases, you will need to provide a current CV/Resume and/or proof of qualifications. Other Healthcare programs will simply require you to be undertaking some form of study in the field. Please note, these programs tend to be more 'observatory' in nature, but the experience can be hugely beneficial to students. 
A decent grasp of English is generally required for all programs, and mandatory for all Teaching English programs. Whilst some programs specifically require you to have at least a conversation level understanding of the local language, we strongly recommend that you at very least learn the basics, so that your time volunteering is both productive, and enjoyable. On many programs we can arrange for you to join language classes in addition to your placement.
Aside from specific requirements, all programs share a common prerequisite. That is above all else, volunteers are open-minded and have a true and honest desire to help, no matter the situation. Having the ability to adapt and use your initiative will be the single determining factor in the success of your volunteer placement. 

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