How does Love Volunteers choose who to accept onto their programs?

A big part of ensuring the ongoing success of the projects we support is in our scrutinizing of volunteers prior to accepting them onto any one of our programs. It is equally as important to ensure the volunteers are willing and able to provide real benefits to their chosen project, and are not there to simply add to their CV's or college applications (whilst these are a benefit of volunteering, they should not be the sole reason for doing so). The projects are only sustainable if they are being attended by volunteers who bring value, and are willing to go the extra mile to help those less fortunate. 

If you have a look through our website, you will see all of the amazing work we (in partnership with local NGO's and charity groups) are doing in some of the most needy of communities. The programs are structured around the real benefit that volunteers can have whilst participating in a project. We strictly enforce our philosophy that we do not supply volunteering 'holidays', and therefore place restrictions on numbers at each project site, to ensure every volunteer is needed and utilized. Other organisations allow large numbers of volunteers on single projects, where they are not only unnecessary, but often end up resembling more a 'contiki' than a volunteering experience. 

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