What countries are open now?

Updated: 28 October 2021

As the world deals with COVID-19 we are re-opening programs with precautions in place to protect volunteers and local communities.  

The following countries are OPEN and accepting volunteers:


United States:  Community Development and Environmental programs in various locations through the US are open and in need of volunteers. Health measures including a negative test, social distancing, masks wearing etc are in place for the safety of our volunteers and locals alike.

Mexico: Childcare program now open.


Costa Rica: Programs now open in all interest areas. Measures are in place to protect the well-being of participants and locals alike.  

Honduras: Borders and education programs are now open. 

Guatemala: Borders are open to all arrivals from certain countries.  


Ecuador: Programs across interest areas are open.

Colombia: Programs across interest areas are open. Quarantine requirements are in place.

Argentina: Opening April 2022. 


Croatia: Teaching and Animal Rescue programs open and available.

Portugal: Environmental, Equine, Teaching and Marine programs open and available.

Spain:  Marine conservation program now open.  

Moldova: Programs in Teaching and Community Development are open and available. 

Bosnia: Community Development available from March 22 (8 week minimum stay required).   


South Africa: Programs across all interest areas are open.

Tanzania:  Programs across all interest areas are open.  

Ghana:  Programs open across all interest areas are open. 

Rwanda:  Agricultural Community Development and Teaching programs open now with Childcare expected to open by the end of the year.  

Kenya: Programs across all interest areas are available in both Nairobi and Mombasa. 

Zimbabwe:  Programs in Teaching, Childcare and Medical are now open.  

Uganda: Programs open across all interest areas. 

Morocco: Programs open across all interest areas. 

Zambia: Programs in Construction and Education open now. 


Turkey:  Programs in Agriculture, Childcare and Refugee Support are open.


India: Open from January 2022.

Nepal: Open now with programs in Monasteries, Women's Empowerment, Childcare & Public Health. More opening January 2022.

Bali: Open from January 2022 with COVID-19 restrictions on entry.  Programs in Teaching and Marine.


New Zealand and Australia are open to local residents until border restrictions ease.

We will continue to update this list and our website as other locations become available and safe to volunteer in. Bookings remain open for all locations for 2021.

We are using the excellent resources listed below to keep up to date with the current restrictions in place with regards to COVID-19 and its impact on our programs and volunteers.  

IATA Travel Centre COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map
U.S. Department of State 
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
UK Foreign travel advice

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