How do we apply as a family and what are the costs?

Looking to volunteer as a family group?  Great!  We love helping families spend quality time together on a worthwhile travel and volunteering experience. Contact our team and we’ll step you through the family application process.

We only need one adult application for the program of your choice (we'll help recommend suitable programs and locations), noting other family members names and children's ages in the 'Group Volunteering' section.  We'll apply the registration fee discounts for the children (see below) and work with you to tailor the best placement and accommodation options for your family group in the country of your choice.  

The registration fees are discounted for children as follows:
US$299 for adults
US$149 for children aged 13-16
US$99 for children aged 9 - 12
US$49 for children aged 5 - 8 years

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