What type of accommodation is best suited for family groups?

We’ve found that family groups with young children are best suited to staying in volunteer guesthouses and with host families, rather than in dormitory situation. Staying with a host family will be a unique cultural immersion experience, giving your family a true glimpse of the lives of others. You’ll get to learn more about the people, the food and the culture. Your children will love playing with their host family’s children, showing there’s no cultural barrier to having fun! And one of the best things, is that you’re likely to make friends for life. It’s through interactions such as these that true learnings are made and cultural understanding is reached. Volunteer guesthouses are also a great option for families with older children/teenagers.

In many locations it is also possible to arrange your own accommodation if preferred and the program fees are adjusted accordingly.  Just get in touch with our team to discuss the best option for your family group.

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