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We strongly suggest you do not book flights until you have applied and been accepted onto a program, and your spot on that program has been confirmed by our local teams. 


While Love Volunteers' pre-departure packages include information on visa requirements for specific destinations, each traveller is responsible for checking and confirming the visa requirements based on the passport they hold, and the country in which they are traveling.

The best way to do this is to contact your nearest Embassy, Foreign Office, or State Department. They will have the most recent information of visas, passport requirements and work permits (if required).

There are some general tips:

  •         You will need a current passport and it is recommended that you travel with a passport that has at least 6 months validity.
  •         You should make sure you have at least 2 free pages for visas.
  •         If you are making connecting flights remember to check if a transit visa is required.
  •         Always travel with your passport and documentation available to you, plus have copies in your bags and available to you through your email account.


Traveling abroad can mean exposure to new health risks, however it’s much better to be prepared than scared. It is important that you speak to your GP or a travel doctor well before you travel. If vaccines are required, they can sometimes take four to six weeks to take effect, and some may require more than one shot. Be specific when telling them about your destination and program as the type of travel jabs you need depends on which country you're visiting and what you're doing. In most cases vaccinations are recommended but your medical history and childhood immunizations will be taken into account.

Your GP will have many of the standard vaccines in stock, but may not have Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis or Yellow Fever. The Yellow Fever vaccine can only be given at a registered Yellow Fever Vaccination center. If you’re planning a long stint abroad, and especially if you plan to visit rural areas, it’s best to contact a travel doctor or an infectious disease specialist.

For those who want to do their own research, is a great website for country specific information. Click the link on the left to visit the CDC website. 

It’s important that all immunizations are recorded and presented on an official International Certificate of Vaccination, also known as the "yellow health card". Your GP, travel doctor, or infectious disease specialist will complete the details of your vaccinations and provide an official stamp where required. Generally you will only be asked to present the yellow health card if you’re traveling to an area where a Yellow Fever immunization is required.

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