The LV Trip Planner!

Our mission here at Love Volunteers is to make volunteering abroad safe and affordable - and to make the entire process, which can initially seem a bit daunting, both fun and easy. So we have created an awesome tool for our volunteers to use in preparation for this experience.

Once your spot on the program has been confirmed, you’ll receive access to a members-only area of our website called the LV Trip Planner. This is an exclusive planner and information portal that is available only to LV participants and serves as the hub for all your pre-departure planning.

Think of the LV Trip Planner as your very own personalized to-do list, which creates a snapshot of your preparation progress - from uploading required documents, to booking your travel insurance and flights, to accessing important pre-departure information, details of what to expect at your chosen location, and an introduction to the local team who will be working alongside you - the LV Trip Planner will guide you step-by-step through the entire process.

As items on the to-do list are completed, you can tick them off, helping you and your dedicated LV Coordinator to keep track of your progress so that you are properly prepared for your trip abroad.

The LV Trip Planner also serves as our payments portal, so that you can easily access your program fee invoice (you’ll be notified when it is available) and make any final payments needed.

As your placement approaches, more specific information about your assigned project site and accommodation will become available. These finalized ‘Placement Details’ are posted directly to your LV Trip Planner by the local project team, so you know that all the necessary arrangements have been made for your arrival and you can ask any final questions you may have prior to your departure.

So, if you have not done so already, become a Love Volunteer by signing on to one of our 200+ programs now and let the LV Trip Planner guide you through the whole process! Easy!

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